Since 1985, Jobs West has successfully placed hundreds of job seekers into employment. We understand that the needs of each employer and job seeker are unique and pride ourselves on customized services that meet your needs and ensure satisfaction and a successful partnership.

Man with developmental disability working at supermarket
Jobs West Employer of the Year

Why Participate?

Jobs West is a free service that assists employers to find, hire, train, and retain qualified entry level staff

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Many individuals placed by Jobs West have remained in their positions for over 10 years.

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On Site Training

On-site training is provided for your new employee to meet requirements of their job in efforts to reduce time-intensive and costly training costs as well as to ensure employees are prepared for their position.

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Reduction with Staff Turnovers

Reduce turnover for your entry-level positions. Our candidates who seek entry-level positions are loyal, long-term employees, who bring commitment to their positions.

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Services are free

Jobs West provides a variety of free services to both employers and job seeker.

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How It Works

Jobs West staff visit employer to determine job requirements

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Employer and Jobs West Staff decide on a suitable employment model

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On-site employee orientation by Jobs West staff

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Potential candidates pre-screened and assessed for employment suitability

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Work references and skills assessed

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Jobs matched to individual skills and abilities

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Candidate matched to available position. Employer interviews the candidate.

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Jobs West staff provide on-site support for the employer and to the candidate until the job requirements are met. Once the job requirements are met, Jobs West staff will gradually spend less time on site.

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Jobs West staff maintain contact with the employee on a regular basis, by phone or in person. Staff are available for questions and re-training in case of promotion, or change in job requirements.

Our Services

  • Determine employment expectations
  • Support employers to “job carve” thus freeing up more highly paid staff
  • Pre-screen applicants
  • Support the interview process
  • Provide wage subsidy information and liaise with subsidy resources
  • Provide disability awareness and education/support for supervisors and co-workers
  • On-the-job training
  • Follow-up support as necessary
  • Retraining if the job description changes due to promotion or reorganization

What Our Employers Say

Jobs West recommends qualified candidates to employers by determining job requirements with the employer and reviewing candidate skills, interests, abilities, and preferences. Once the match has been made, Jobs West works directly with employers to create inclusive work environments and train staff to ensure they are equipped for their job.

“I have been Nicolas’ supervisor since day 1, ten years ago. Nicolas without fail, always shows up for work; he is reliable and passionate.”

Tara C.
Canucks Sports and Entertainment

“The Employment Specialists at Jobs West always go above and beyond! The support offered has been fantastic … from coaching to reviewing performance goals. Thank you for the positive experience.”

Mary M.
Tugo Travel Insurance

“It takes quite a crew to distribute a weekly newspaper and Jobs West has repeatedly found us the perfect candidates to help with that process. They even take the time to personally coach each candidate, ensuring an unprecedented level of reliability – not to mention adding to our paper’s sense of community.”

Giles R.
The Georgia Straight

“We have had a positive experience working with Jobs West as they have been very supportive facilitating job placement for their clients in our operation … They consistently provided necessary job coaching as well as regular feedback and follow up throughout the process.”

Rose C.
Doughgirls Comfort Kitchen & Bakeshop

Jobs West has helped us bridge a need we have: making sure our open job postings and employment remain accessible to everyone … The team is helpful and friendly, but they also understand what’s possible and the constraints we might have. We have hired through our partnership with Jobs West, will continue to work together, and recommend Jobs West to other employers!

Monique L.
Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery (SPUD.ca)

“Jobs West introduced us to an opportunity that reflects our core values. Their placement and support of their client has been above and beyond expectation. We have truly been blessed by our new employee.”

Sherrill J.
N. Jefferson Ltd.