Jobs West Awards City of Richmond Employer of the Year 2017

Jobs West, the supported employment division of the Developmental Disabilities Association awards the City of Richmond the Employer of the Year Award for developing a successful inclusive employment environment.

Over the past year, the City of Richmond has worked diligently with Jobs West to create and secure inclusive work placements. Started in 2016, the City of Richmond’s inclusive employment program has placed several individuals in positions including light maintenance, café assistant, invoicing and cleaning. With these successful placements, the City of Richmond, exemplified leadership in creating an inclusive work environment to accommodate employment for individuals with disabilities. DDA congratulates the City of Richmond for showing leadership in hiring people with intellectual disabilities and learning the mutual benefit that hiring someone has on the workplace.

“We are pleased to be honoring the City of Richmond as our Employer of the Year for 2017. This shows that Richmond is a municipality that walks the talk about inclusion and offering opportunities to marginalized populations.” Says Alanna Hendren, Executive Director of the Developmental Disabilities Association.

Since 1985, Jobs West has successfully placed hundreds of jobs seekers into employment by matching and coaching qualified candidates to employers by determining job requirements, and reviewing candidate skills, interest, abilities and preferences.