Employer of the Year 2022 – Crate & Barrel

Every year Jobs West honours a business that goes above and beyond to foster an inclusive and diverse workforce. Jobs West works with both the employer and the client to ensure success, and this year have chosen Crate & Barrel at Oakridge Park as the 2022 Jobs West Employer of the Year. Crate & Barrel hired Maxwell, a client of Jobs West, and they could not be more proud of his accomplishments and being a hard-working member of the team.

At DDA and Jobs West, we understand that a diverse workforce brings many benefits such as lower staff turnover rates, better staff morale, and even pulling down the curtain on the stigma surrounding developmental disabilities.

We caught up with Crate & Barrel manager, Elliot Fisher about bringing Maxwell on the team.

What does it mean to Crate & Barrel to get this accolade from Jobs West?

Being recognized by Jobs West as their employer of the year is such an incredible honour. Our company mission is to help our customers build a home with purpose, and we believe that diversity of people, thought and voice makes life beautiful. We pride ourselves on building a workplace that is inclusive of all races, genders, ages, sexual orientations, and abilities. The award from Jobs West is a great reminder that we are on the right path, and a reminder to always strive for a more equal and inclusive workplace and society.

What does it mean to have Maxwell on the team?

Having Maxwell on the team is a great joy for myself, and our staff at Crate & Barrel Oakridge. He’s such a warm and kind individual who is always excited to come to work and eager to help others (and always willing to laugh at my dad jokes). He is an inspiration to the team, and for a lot of team members their first encounter with disability in the workplace. Many have remarked to me that they are proud to be working for a company that sees the person without focusing on the disability.

I’m also so grateful to the Jobs West team for their fantastic support. Everyone I’ve met and worked with from Edith back in February to Alison just this week has been the kindest and most wonderful people. The focus has always been on considering the needs of both the individual and the business and creating a harmonious relationship. Thank you again.

DDA created a video to celebrate the moment, please enjoy!