Anthony at Thrifty Foods

Anthony is a dedicated and enthusiastic young worker who continues to develop and evolve as an employee at Thrifty Foods.

When Anthony first connected with Jobs West, he had already been working in grocery stores for three years and was looking to take on new responsibilities and gain additional skills. Fortunately, his current employer, Thrifty Foods, was in the process of adding new staff to its produce department. Previously, Anthony’s work at Thrifty Foods had been in the front of house, bagging groceries, assisting customers, organizing shopping carts and baskets, as well as maintaining the store space. When Anthony’s employers discovered that he and his Jobs West Employment Specialist had applied for the produce clerk position, they were delighted to be able to hire an individual who was already a great fit within their workplace culture.

Anthony currently has three shifts each week, which are split between his previous position as a front-end clerk and his new position in the produce department. He is very happy to work in such a supportive environment and to have built strong relationships with his co-workers, all of which is reflected in the care and attention he takes in fulfilling his duties.