Carly at Fresh Prep

Jobs West would like to congratulate Carly on her paid employment as a Prep Assistant and Packager at Fresh Prep!

Throughout her job search, Carly kept an open mind and attended various interviews with the help of her Employment Specialist. She played an active part in her job search and sometimes browsed positions online in her spare time.

In March, Carly completed a phone interview with Fresh Prep, a local company that provides meal prep delivery service. In the interview, she demonstrated motivation, friendliness and a willingness to learn. This landed Carly the position and a start date of March 13, 2018.

Since then, Carly has been working part-time at Fresh Prep for four months and reports that she likes her work hours and enjoys being part of a supportive team. Working at Fresh Prep has also allowed Carly to learn new recipes and try her hand at cooking the meals for herself at home. Great work Carly!