Carrie at Dough Girls

Throughout the month of April 2017, Carrie and her Employment Specialist met weekly to engage in the “Getting to Know You” process and embarked on Carrie’s journey to part time employment.

From the start, Carrie presented herself as a motivated and career-driven individual and played an active role in the job search process. Over the course of one month, Carrie handed out resumes, applied for jobs online, notified her Employment Specialist of new opportunities that she came across and attended a few tours at potential job sites. Although Carrie and her Employment Specialist found some opportunities during their job search, none of them seemed to be the right match for Carrie’s vocational goals and interests.  However, during the first week of May, a work experience at a local kitchen and bakeshop called Dough Girls came up and instantly sparked Carrie’s interest. Carrie, who has always had a passion for exploring new places to eat, expressed great interest in the opportunity to be a bakery prep worker and began the work experience the following week.

Over the next two months, Carrie learned how to prepare almond croissants, make an assortment of muffins and cookies and portion/package hot meals like mac and cheese. In August, Carrie’s reliable and detail-oriented attitude during her work experience resulted in an offer of paid employment at Dough Girls and she became a paid employee shortly after. A valued member of the team, Carrie now works a few times a week and continues to bring her friendly attitude and passion for food in her everyday work as a bakery prep worker.