Cerys at Save On Foods

Congratulations to Cerys on her new job as a Facer at Save On Foods!

For the past year and a half, Cerys has been working towards paid employment and volunteered for approximately seven months at a local preschool to improve her skills and build her resume. In addition to this, Cerys has also been busy learning new skills through Vancouver Community College and completed her program this June.

By keeping busy and embracing every opportunity available to her, Cerys grew her confidence in a workplace setting and established a professional contact at the preschool that she could use as a reference for future paid work.

In September, Cerys secured a part-time job at Save On Foods, a store where she frequently shops that is within walking distance from her house. Every shift, Cerys ensures that her department of the store is both visually appealing and well organized by facing the products and removing any that do not belong in that section. Well done Cerys!