Jeff at Safeway

Jeff is putting his education to good use as a Safeway Courtesy Clerk.  He is a graduate of the Vancouver Community College Retail Food & Supermarket Careers Program.

Jeff began his job at Safeway after graduating in 2002.  He works part-time doing a variety of tasks.  He helps customers find items in the store, bags their groceries, and helps take their groceries to their cars.  He is also responsible for counting the bottle returns.  This task finds Jeff working with some challenging customers.  His calm and professional manner makes him a great person for this job.

Steve Hogeweide is Jeff’s supervisor and he explains how having Jeff has been positive for their store.  “We’ve retained a good service clerk who has the potential to provide service to the company for years to come.”  Jeff’s loyalty is of great benefit to the company because the longer he works at Safeway, the more familiar he becomes with the merchandise and the better he can serve the store’s customers.

Jeff is proud to provide great service to his customers.  He knows they rely on him to help make their shopping experience a pleasant one.