Francesca at Nesters Market

Francesca was happily employed at a local produce store for six years. When the store closed, Francesca returned to Jobs West for assistance. In March 2005, after a successful work experience, she was hired at Nesters Market.

At Nesters, Francesca’s main job is to look after the floral display, watering the plants and removing wilted flowers. Her other duties include checking products for expired dates, and tidying the bakery display. She also wipes the ledges and doors of the display cases clean, and sweeps the produce area of the store. Sometimes she helps to pick out fruit and vegetables that are no longer fresh. Once a week, she cleans the staff room and washrooms in the store.

Steve Hanson, manager of Nesters Market, finds Francesca to be a very good employee. He states that Francesca has ‘a keen eye for catching expired goods’, and a ‘great work ethic’. Francesca has also been noted for her excellent attendance, punctuality and hard work. She is a highly valued member of the Nesters team.