Karmveer at Superstore

Karmveer is one of the most enthusiastic and dedicated employees at the Real Canadian Superstore. All of us at Jobs West want to congratulate Karm for his many achievements. Karm has worked at Superstore for over a year. Before his current job, he also gained experience at Marshalls. Karm boasts about his attendance record, as he’s never been late for work. He also commutes by bike which reflects his independence and saves trees as a bonus. He has come a long way professionally, and has much to be proud of.

Karm joined Jobs West in May 2016 while attending school and was eager to find work. Prior to entering the workforce, Karm gained valuable experience in an environment that he was passionate about through a placement at Bike Doctor. Karm then further developed his interest for bike mechanics by volunteering at the Bike Kitchen located at UBC. Shortly after this, he secured paid employment at Marshalls where he had the opportunity to gain experience in a warehouse environment and develop his stocking skills. It was then that Karm realized that he really enjoyed the warehouse setting and wanted to work more hours doing what he loved. In November of 2018, Karm secured employment at Superstore as a Dairy Stocker and loves reporting for his weekly shifts!

Karm describes his job as fast-paced, and just great overall. He currently works in the dairy department; typically he stocks milk crates, collects empties, wraps skids, and helps customers. The dairy cooler can get pretty chilly, but that doesn’t seem to bother Karm as he gets work done so quickly. When asked what he’s good at doing, he says “everything.” That gives you an idea of Karm’s confidence, and he has skills to back those claims. There is never a dull moment for Karm in such a busy establishment.

Karm’s favourite part of the job is to assist customers and treat people fairly. He says that he holds the fridge door for customers because “that’s common sense.” He also teaches customers to properly dispose of empty crates. That great attitude is exactly what improves a customer’s experience and impresses management. Terry, his supervisor says “He’s a really nice guy with great intentions. He’s also a hard worker who always brings his game face, and he’s an engaging guy.” Karm’s efforts don’t go unnoticed.