Ken at Bradley Smoker

Ken has seen a number of changes at Bradley Smoker Inc. since 1992 when he was hired to make their Bradley Flavour Briquettes.  Today, Ken is a long-time employee who has grown with the company.

Jobs West worked with Ken to learn the tasks of his job when he first began at Bradley Smoker.  At that time he was responsible for activating the compressors used to put together the briquette ingredients.  Later, Jobs West worked with Ken when he started packaging the briquettes for shipment.

Bradley Smoker has benefited from Ken’s loyalty.  The owner, Wade Bradley, no longer has to deal with the high cost of rehiring and retraining for an entry-level position that used to have high turnover.

In 2003, when technology changes were introduced at Bradley Smoker, Jobs West staff supported Ken to learn the new mechanized system.  In close cooperation with Wade, Ken has been able to maintain stable employment for over a decade!  Wade’s consistent support earned Bradley Smoker the Jobs West Employer of the Year award in 2001.