Kevin at Old Navy

Kevin’s enthusiasm and motivation have been fantastic assets in his pursuit of paid employment.

As with many Jobs West clients, Kevin was very eager to work and simply needed the opportunity to demonstrate his value as an employee. This opportunity came in the form of a work experience with Old Navy. Kevin relished his time at Old Navy and, in particular, loved working with the location’s staff. He became determined to get hired on as a full staff member and worked with his Jobs West Employment Specialist to improve his skills and prepare for his upcoming interview.

Unsurprisingly, Kevin was hired on to work in the location’s menswear section, maintaining product displays and store space as well as helping customer’s with their shopping. Store management have been very satisfied with Kevin’s contributions, citing his friendly demeanor, work ethic and dedication to improving his skills as key reasons behind his hiring.

Kevin’s experience is a fantastic example of an individual making the most of their natural skills and passion in the pursuit of their goals.