Michael at Old Navy

Michael is a part-time sales associate at Old Navy. He started at Old Navy in facilities maintenance, holding the responsibility to clean and maintain the retail space. After thriving as an employee, his manager decided to put him on the sales floor where he can improve the customers’ shopping experience. Michael loves the thrill of a new challenge, and he is already holding down the whole floor by himself! He also values talking to customers, the friendly staff, and having a good rapport with management. All of these aspects are helping to master his communication and interpersonal skills.

“Michael has been doing great on the sales floor, super interactive with customers and great on tasking on projects in the store!” –Tyler, Manager.

Michael says his manager is very understanding of his many commitments like the Special Olympics, and also gives him many opportunities to try new things. Michael’s face lights up just talking about the job because he feels valued in the company. Michael flourishes autonomously in every facet of the job.

Before Old Navy, Michael participated in numerous work experiences and volunteered at local non-profit organizations. In the fall, Michael will be balancing his work schedule by starting a
new college program. Michael’s original goal to find paid employment has been achieved due to his commitment to embracing new challenges. Congratulations Michael for all your achievements, and thank you for inspiring us all to work harder.