Employer Of The Year Award 2019: CSN Collision Centres – Van Burn

Each year, Jobs West recognizes an employer for their commitment to creating an inclusive workforce. While we have the pleasure of working with many fabulous employers, this year was an easy choice. Jobs West has presented the Employer of the Year award to CSN Collision Centres – Van Burn.

The owner, Dale, reached out to Jobs West in Fall 2018 after stumbling onto our website. He wanted to move forward with creating an inclusive business but didn’t know where to start. Jobs West staff met with Dale to discuss their business needs and they agreed to have a candidate try a few tasks. Through trial and error (and lots of patience from the team), we identified a set of tasks that suited the individual’s skill set. With job coaching supports from Jobs West, the employee developed the skills to excel as a tire specialist/shop assistant. The staff at CSN Collision Centres – Van Burn dedicated their efforts to supporting a customized position and continue to provide ongoing support and

The employee has been with Jobs West since Fall 2018, as part of the WorkBC program. With our lead partner, YWCA, Jobs West provides customized employment services.

We would like to give our heartfelt thanks to Dale for taking the initiative to establish an inclusive business.